Real Estate



  • Strategic Consultancy

We don’t believe in ‘The work done’ behavior. Our expert commercial property consultancy works with a long view strategy. We provide smart innovative
advices to deliver the results with competitive advantage and capture the best place for real estate activities. Our strategies provide 10 to 15 percent of real estate savings and that is a profit.
We believe in providing the practical solutions that result better than the blue prints on papers. We provide beneficial satisfaction through our extensive real estate experience and offer you an opportunity to select innovative workplace solutions, meet the challenges of mergers and acquisitions, design the workplace of your dreams and attain the financial optimization.

  • Property Portfolio management

We work with the mindset that believes ‘Investing ahead and delivering on trust’
It always needs big pockets to manage and own business offices and other real estate assets. The values in the market is clear but to move ahead on the right path is complex. Skywalkers innovate advanced strategies to get the best out of your portfolio or single property. Our strategies are designed according to the client’s requirements to optimize or monetize their portfolio.

We work according to the thoughts and dreams of the clients, we stay bonded to reap a polished relationship. We provide the investment opportunities in every sector and field depending on the choices to invest the entire fund at one place or in different segments.

  • Investment management

Our team with specialist property management skills tailor commercial property management strategies to enhance the value of the property to make it an asset and reduce the operating costs to make it profitable to the companies. The combination of the hard working skywalkers team and the bond with the investors and clients creates a scenario to reap benefits.

Our rigorous strategies help our clients to deliver super services like tenant satisfaction, security, interiors, architecture to maximize the revenues and keeping the occupancy level high. Our attitude to satisfy the clients and tenants is attained only through proactive asset management. For Skywalkers, the main goal is to reduce the challenges for the clients and the investors in this competitive real estate world. We put all hands-on deck to bring our best investment management and research expertise together to maximize the profit and return on investment by identifying right products to meet customer’s expectations. Our investment advisory team supports them throughout all the phases of transactions, including legalities,
documentation and transfer process.

“We lead you what you invest in, how you invest, when you invest and when to march out.”

  • Corporate Leasing

Every investor looks for the successful returns and the tenant searches for the desirable property if they are paying for it. Skywalkers group researches the market and tailors the marketing and corporate leasing strategies which are profitable for the investors and satisfying for the tenants by or mixing strategy for the best tenants with best lease terms.

Whether you are investor or looking for the property for your business we create a proactive and strategic leasing approach to you according to your requirements regarding the property spectrum.